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Smelts all ores and jewelry at Edgeville.
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest reviews

Works great, although the level up screen seems to throw it off a bit.
Perfect for F2P\Early levels, only one I could find that didn't need membership and that I didn't need a masters in RS Smithing to use.
used this bot on friday and on saturday I got baned for activity on friday. was the only bot i used on that day...
Wayyyy too many off-target clicks (RuneLite). I don't know how someone could use this without getting banned by reports of bot behavior.
seems to work everything else but not on dragonstone jewelry please fix
dosnt make jade or opal jewelry
its good, can be a bit slow sometimes like at edgeville you can click the bank and the furnace on the same screen without running into the middle of each building first, makes it look more botty. has stopped a couple of times but nothing a restart couldnt fix
Works fine but it stops sometimes at furnace. When you lvl up it doesn't continue
occasionally gets stuck at the interface selecting what to make. I dont leave it afk but overall it works well :) approx 3k gold bars done into bracelets