Lunar Plank Make 1.0

Get 99 magic fast and free!

  1. jukkie
    Casts Plank Make spell on Mahogany logs for 90k-110k xp/hr. No GUI.
    On start must equip some type of earth staff and have coins and nature/astral runes in Inventory.

Recent Reviews

  1. SirBrandonLee
    Version: 1.0
    Ran for around 12 hours yesterday. Worked well. I like the occasional random breaks to make it more human-like.
  2. Cody S
    Cody S
    Version: 1.0
    its a very very good bot. my only complaint from using it is that this bot will get approx. 80-90k per hour, while I can use the spell at human speeds and get 155k per hour. if you cold drastically speed up this bot it would be a real winner!