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Noble Grinder AIO 1.0.9

Grinds every item for huge profits 8m-10m daily.

  1. Bing Bong
    Herblore supplies or for profit, Grinder AIO is your go-to.

    V1.0.0 - Supports Directinput if you have this enabled, you can expect anywhere between 100k-8m depending on the items you're grinding. This supports every possible grindable item in osrs (even untradeables).

    Please DOYR before investing into items as prices may fluctuate. At the current time Goat horns & Superior dragon bones are best to do 23/05/2023.

    You can find out more information here. Pestle and mortar

    Supported items:
    • Kebbit teeth
    • Unicorn horns
    • Desert goat horns
    • Chocolate bars
    • Ashes
    • Blue dragon scales
    • Bird nests
    • Rune shards
    • Lava scales
    • Nihil shards
    • Crystal shards
    • Superior dragon bones
    Inventory startup guide: