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Just completes tutorial island. It's that simple!
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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Passive Tutorial v0.0.8 Released!

    Passive Tutorial updated to v0.0.8.
  2. Passive Tutorial v0.0.7 Released!

    Passive Tutorial updated to v0.0.7.
  3. Passive Tutorial v0.0.6 Released!

    Passive Tutorial updated to v0.0.6.

Latest reviews

doesent work please remove
Doesn't work.
Doesn't work, won't even open.
Every single time I use this, I get my account banned hours later. I do not recommend.
Pretty good script, just got caught up at making a dagger but I don't mind doing that :)
Doesn't do a thing, it can't even open the settings menu when I'll go through dialogs for it...
I'd be able to fix this script and reupload it if the open source download was working, seems to only include a manifest.xml file :/
https://github.com/PassiveModding/RuneMate you can view the old source for the bot on my github. I am no longer maintaining them so please feel free.
Works with some babysitting, pretty good considering its free
Bot got stuck in beginning house, unable to enact the spanner prompt. Then couldn't get out the door. Did a little babysitting but it got stuck on the next gate too. and then on smithing. Just don't bother.
This worked fine for me, only got stuck at the "crafting a dagger" phase