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It will smith cannonballs for you in Edgeville!

  • Noted/Unnoted Steel Bars.
  • Stop When Goal Reached.
  • Progress Trackers.
  • Location: Edgeville.
First release
Last update
2.90 star(s) 10 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Royal Cannonballs v1.0.2 Released!

    Royal Cannonballs updated to v1.0.2.
  2. Royal Cannonballs v1.0.1 Released!

    Royal Cannonballs updated to v1.0.1.

Latest reviews

Still doesnt support double cannonball
doesn´t support double ammo mould
Well I am on day 3 with the bot logs in and out just fine semms very human like I babysit it but thats just my own paranoia been botting since rsbot days
very good bot got me on 93 smith atm no signs of getting banned dont know how you can get banned with this bot tbh,, only flaw is that it doesnt log in after the 6 hour playtime log out other than that no dramas whatsoever
deposites everything in my inventory to my bank then sits there till I log out, cant see why this costs money
Used for 3 days BANNED. I would baby sit the bot and even take breaks. Spent 3dollars got my main banned and lost everything./
Botting on your main was not the best idea mate and it is even worse, if you are suicide botting 1 skill, sorry for your loss.
Best bot to make money with that is safe, been using it for a few weeks now and its extremely efficient and human like. For the price you seriously can not beat it. i have made around 15m, but i do baby sit the bot, mainly because i have been banned before not watching so i want to becareful. Still great bot.
doesnt even move
should be working fine.
Works perfectly. I like how it keeps the cannonballs in the inventory makes it more player like and is very efficient and effective. Great price as well. Will continue to use it. Thanks!
Thanks :))
Been using this bot for some time now, and its much better than any free version. The banking and reforging is a lot more human-like.

My only complaint is, and reason for 4 not 5 star, that it leaves the cannonballs in the inventory instead of depositing them.