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Completes the following quests: Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer and Romeo and Juliet

Start the bot after tutorial island or have a bucket and pot in inventory.
First release
Last update
2.82 star(s) 50 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Scuffed Quester v1.1 Released!

    Scuffed Quester updated to v1.1.
  2. Scuffed Quester v1.0.5 Released!

    Scuffed Quester updated to v1.0.5.
  3. Scuffed Quester v1.0.4 Released!

    Scuffed Quester updated to v1.0.4.

Latest reviews

immediately got into a loop trying to start the cook quest
A lot of bugs. Wouldn't recommend. Didn't complete any of the quests. Didn't even get anywhere near starting them.
kept stoping and i end up having to quest myself
BANNED while running this script
used it and worked pretty well. babysat it a bit other it would get stuck on some things like picking up the shears and talking to apocathery but good job
Works fine, but found that you need bucket and pot in inventory to start, but worked best when just coming out of tut island banks all items keeps bucket and pot, also it does bug out in cut scene of romeo and julliet so have to watch it there.
Can confirm, pretty scuffed.

Quite a few bugs, think you have to start the script NOT having started the quest, and making sure you have both a pot and bucket in your inventory.
ignore negative reviews. bot did what its supposed to do, only issue was at the end at romeo and juliet it just stopped at juliet so u have to babysit the last part. only issue i had.. wish it had more quest
Start with pot and bucket in inventory-let it get all the wool it needs-had no problems at all except for at the very end had to run to romeo from Juilet's balcony. Other than that great!! please add one more quest that is like 3 points,,, any quest please!!!
Works great for the most part.

If you start this quest before hitting the bank the first time, the bot won't respond to exit out of the 4 prompts that pop-up.

The shearing on the sheep is a bit excessive, the bot will shave sheep until your inventory is full. Would slim down on the timing of the quest. Although, i feel like this adds xp to crafting when spooling it? not sure.

Romeo and Juliet quests ALWAYS has two errors. One: gets stuck talking to the potion shop people. Two: gets stuck after going to juliet room on the second floor. both instances, the bot doesn't click or do anything at all.