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Fish karambwan at DKP, banks at Zanaris bank

Before you start the bot make sure the DKP fairy ring option is visible when you right click a the fairy ring, and the bot has dramen staff equipped, karambwanji and filled karambwan vessel in inventory.

Start the bot at the fishing spot, Zanaris fairy ring, or Zanaris bank
First release
Last update
3.13 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Simple Fairy Karambwan v0.0.7 Released!

    Simple Fairy Karambwan updated to v0.0.7.
  2. Simple Fairy Karambwan v0.0.6 Released!

    Simple Fairy Karambwan updated to v0.0.6.
  3. Simple Fairy Karambwan v0.0.5 Released!

    Simple Fairy Karambwan updated to v0.0.5.

Latest reviews

it just doesn't even try to run
Works, but missing a few things for me to give a 5/5.
1: Fish Barrel support
2: Karambwanji (bait) Fishing support
3: Shayzien Banking support
Doesn't bank, it just clicks by the tree trunk near the bank chest non stop.
works great. Would be a 5/5 if it supported Fish Barrel.
works fine, but can u add a option to use the fishbarrel?
works as intended. A little worried about how repetitive it is and for some reason it spam clicks around the fairy ring when trying to go back to zanaris when it could easily just one click it but other then that works flawless.
Seems to get stuck on 'zooming camera' when using the Resizeable modern game layout. Besides that, it seems to run flawless.
works great u must use dramen staff cant use lunar staff
Ah good idea, I'll add lunar staff for next release
cant even use as soon as it logs me in it errors out
I'm not sure what it's causing that. Other users are able to run it fine, and it works fine for me.