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Configurable mining bot that can mine and bank at any Varrock location.

First release
Last update
3.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Turtle Miner v0.1.10 Released!

    Turtle Miner updated to v0.1.10.
  2. Turtle Miner v0.1.9 Released!

    Turtle Miner updated to v0.1.9.
  3. Turtle Miner v0.1.8 Released!

    Turtle Miner updated to v0.1.8.

Latest reviews

Only used for 30seconds. This clicks way to often even at low level there should be something to be added for anything under lvl 10 it clicks the rock 3 times before it start doing something it looks sketch the way it plays. You should add something to the start so we can update options, the click ms options if we want to add alterna random waiting a way to take breaks maybe, and make it so it click way less im not trying to 1tick power mine you could make the script slower for tin/copper and let it power mine iron other than that it seems ok but if it keep 3 clicking each rock im not gonna use it, take care
banned after 3 hours of use.
Awesome! 1-42 in 10.5hrs , auto banked, works great at Varrock SE mine
Love it! The only thing that could improve would be the speed at which it walks from and to the bank. Otherwise, it's great! I must have used it for about 10 hours, no ban yet