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TzBob UIM Oak Construction 1.1.0

TzBob UIM Oak Construction

  1. TzBob
    Makes Oak Larders in a UIM suitable way.

    Teleports to oak trees.
    Chops oak trees.
    Makes oak planks.
    Teleports to house.
    Builds and removes oak larders.

    Account Requirements:

    Quest Requirements:
    Temple of the Eye

    Skill Requirements:
    Construction Level 33
    Woodcutting Level 15
    Magic Level 40

    Equipment Requirements:
    Ring of the elements (With charges)

    Inventory Requirements:
    Hammer (x1)
    Saw (x1)
    GP (6k x trip count)
    Rune pouch (x1 and loaded with Law, Air, and Earth runes)

Recent Updates

  1. TzBob UIM Oak Construction v1.1.0 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. osrsash
    Version: 1.1.0
    Does a decent job however used for a few hours and occasionally would cut normal logs instead of oak and then the bot gets stuck. Would also be great if there was Plank Sack support. I had to drop my plank sack as the bot could not recognise the planks within the sack and would just break and stop running. Has great potential and thanks for making a UIM friendly bot. I hope you can improve this bot and also make more UIM friendly! :)
  2. TownOfBeers
    Version: 1.0.0
    Used for about an hour and its pretty good, ran into two issues. 1) It unequip my ring of the elements and got stuck 2) It chopped a normal tree wasting an inventory space (luckily I had extras)