Yui Fisher 1.0.1

A 1-99 Fishing Bot

  1. youramazingames
    A 1-99 Fishing Bot for F2P OSRS

    Droping & Banking avaliable
    Auto travel
    Anti ban
    Exp counter

    Current options:
    • Shrimp and Anchovies (1-20)
      • Al Kharid (Best)
      • Draynor
    • Trout and Salmon (20-99) (Recommend not banking as slow)
      • Lumbridge
      • Barbarian Village

    - Small Net for shrimp
    - Fly-fishing Rod & Feathers (lots) for Trout & Salmon




Recent Reviews

  1. n0credit
    Version: 1.0.1
    Pretty good, seems to work well at al kharid banking. Good starter fishing bot. Maybe more config regarding breaks and such would be worthwhile too.