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  1. slightlybaughty

    Anti-Ban Chat idea

    Hello, I have had some experience with Twilio's messaging API's and was curious about another feature for this Client. To add to the Anti-Ban of this Client, it would be cool if you could integrate the twilio API to send text messages to you phone of what players are saying around you in...
  2. therealginger

    RS3 2 day ban fml pls help

    Just got banned for 2 days using only the premium herblore bot. used the free one for a week before. wasnt sure how to set up the breaks but i took breaks after 6 hours usually. i was actually playing 2k xp from lvling up to 80 divination and it logged me out (had a bad feeling) log back on and...
  3. C

    OSRS OSRS Rune Crafting nature runes

    Title says it all. Is there a bot that does nature runes through the abby? One with a low ban rate?
  4. J

    Question Mouse movements/Clouse

    Can someone explain exactly how clouse works? Do I need to simply have runemate open in the background while playing for it to copy my mouse movements? Is it implemented into each bot, and used for specific repetitive tasks? If Clouse works like I understand, then how do bans even exist anymore?