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  1. breakjaw

    Adding botting hours

    I am currently a 400 hour or $4 supporter. My hours have run out. How do I just add 100 hours or so? I dont see the option available. I can go up to $5, but it wants to me to pay $5 for 500 hours and I've already paid for the 400 hour route. Would paying $5 grant me 500 additional hours or...
  2. O

    OSRS Banned after 5H botting.

    I get banned after 5H running MaxiWoodcutter PRO... ps. last time when i botting i used other programs. = NO BAN.. and free bot. now i find this runemate and i buy bot = BAN. its ok this is only game... +ps. never use this program again. </3
  3. I

    Resolved Botting hours

    Basically I ran out of my 200 botting hours and thought I would get a new load of 200 as its the first of the month today but so far runemate still wont let me bot saying that "you've run out of botting hours". just wanted to know when and if I will get more botting hours? Thanks Im from Denmark
  4. im bowdy

    Resolved I have 300 hours? But says 200

    Says i've used up all my hours of 200, i'm a supporter with 300? Whats going wrong here Anybody to help