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  1. T

    Bug Weird occurences using Runlite

    Currently, when running a bot using Runelite, weird things are occurring. Things such as characters stood rigid with no running or attack animation. Item images within inventory disappear leaving just numbers (If multiple are stacked) however I can hover over and they are physically there and...
  2. A

    Store not working

    Any update on when we will be able to purchase credits? Been a few days now with no sign of change.
  3. R

    Bug Bug Maybe, Hours and Money

    So I was botting minnows and ran it for 18 hours but runemate charged me 37 hours ik its a bot but i mean at 7 cents an hour its $2.60 but for 18 hours its $1.26 so i mean just wondering i do bot on 2 computers at times (one pos laptop and the other my main pc) but on my main pc its normally...
  4. M

    Resolved "Description to reproduce the error .i.e. settings used, location in game

    Hey guys, I noticed last night after the client update I've been getting this message for any of the bots I regularly use. Still getting charged for every attempt :eek: Any idea if there's something I can do on my end to help resolve the problem? Thanks!
  5. U

    Resolved Combat bots not working

    Tried alot of bots all it dose is move the camera around and nothing more
  6. nickyp94

    Bug osrs Prime NMZ bot

    the bot does perfect with setting up but once it starts the dream it doesn't drink prayer pots