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  1. sigzil

    Resource Fight cave npc data

    Some time ago I had my first attempt at a fire cape and decided to log some of the npc data during the fight caves. Sadly it appears I'm pretty bad at Jad, but I got to the healers so all the npc's are accounted for. For anyone interested, the data is in a csv file on the following github repo...
  2. E

    OSRS Looking for firecape service

    Hey there guys, I am looking for someone who can offer me the service of defeating Jad in the fight caves. This only concerns wave 63 of the fight cave, which is Jad himself. Current stats: 70 Ranged 74 Hitpoints 75 Defence 60 Prayer Rune crossbow + runite bolts/diamond bolts(e) +17 Prayer...
  3. J

    OSRS Jad pray switcher?

    Or even a round 1-62 fight cave bot? Preferably a pray switcher would be awesome though!!