OSRS Jad pray switcher?

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by jacoo, May 2, 2016.

  1. Or even a round 1-62 fight cave bot? Preferably a pray switcher would be awesome though!!
  2. Seen it done before, entire caves would require some serious work though but i like the idea of prayer switching :p
  3. Haha I'd love to see a 1-62 fight cave bot too. It's so damn boring getting to jad. The actual Jad fight is very easy though for me personally.
  4. This be benefical for jad slayer tasks
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  5. Like would it just need to tell you what to switch or to actually do the switch? And if it did, then it would need to brew, restore and kill or at least lure/tank the healers I'd assume?
  6. potentially! What ever the author is capable of, but I think jad would be a brilliant bot script bot
  7. The problem with brewing, restoring and killing Jad is how much time and money it takes to code it correctly (one screw up could cost the time/cost it takes to get to him). The healers could also be difficult because of the different ways of dealing with them (e.g. tanking or killing them on a main, luring them on a pure and where to lure them to depending on Jad's spawn location). And you can't really pray switch, brew and restore without aggro-ing the healers and deciding what to do with them, whether that be lining them up so only one hits you, luring them or killing them.

    Not sure if this is terribly accurate but I remember a Jad bot back in the day (~08/09) that would do waves 62 and 63, but it was paid (wasn't cheap) and put a lot of the firecapers out of business. Just a heads up haha. I'd take a stab at writing the bot, but just got banned am currently rebuilding. Just now learning to write for Runemate but if nothings written for it and I'm back to a comfortable build, I wouldn't mind trying something basic like pray switching, brewing/restoring and lining up the healers to tank one.

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