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  1. silencep44

    Resolved GrandExchange.placeSellOffer() is broken

    I'm trying to sell 10 Runite bars with GrandExchange.placeSellOffer() but this seems broken. It opens the sell menu, selects to correct item, but then the problems begin. The quantity of the item is automatically 10, but it still tries to input 10 as a value (not needed). After this...
  2. D

    RS3 Bot Idea - Vial Filler

    Hey. So its a simple idea that someone must have thought of by now. Have a bot at a bank or the GE and have it take vials from the first bank slot then fill them up. Very simple but great for making money. As of now: vials are bought for 2 gp but sold for 97 gp!!! Thats mad! Seriously...
  3. conmiro

    Question Retrieve ItemDefinition from InterfaceComponent?

    I was wondering if there's a way to get the item definition of the item being portrayed by the texture in an InterfaceComponent? For example, when you search for an item in the G.E., the item you select is displayed in a small box in the offer interface. I want to get the item that is being...