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  1. 4

    Question How to make gold bracelets at furnace

    Hi guys, so I've been working on a gold bracelet making bot. Here is the function used to smelt once the bot has detected a full inventory of gold bars and a mould: public void execute() { GameObject furnace =...
  2. heyz

    Question How to create a UI?

    Could someone help me create a UI for my script? What are the first steps?
  3. R

    Resolved How to check for open interface?

    Let's say I wanted to detect this interface. This is what I tried: interface = Interfaces.newQuery().texts("Congratulations").results().first(); But it just returns null, while being logged in with the above interface visible. What am I doing wrong here? Do ChatboxInterfaces use a different...
  4. K

    Question Npc interface help

    Hello, I am currently developing a bot that will cut mahogany at the hardwood grove in karamja and then bank these logs using "Rionasta" the NPC. I am struggling with developing the interface for him. My java knowledge is not super. The right click action needed is "Send-parcel". Thanks any help...
  5. silencep44

    Resolved Get the text displayed from interface components

    I'm trying to read a string from the blast furnace bar dispenser interface ("Coal in furnace: 130"), this is in the interfacecomponent [27,107] I suspect. But when I try to use .getText() it returns "Coal to add: %2". This is a really annoying problem that I run into all the time. Is there any...
  6. M

    Question Accessing Interfaces

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my first bot, but am stuck at some steps : -Detecting whether an Interface like this is open -Finding the "orb" component and clicking "make x" I've looked at the API documentation, but can't wrap my head around it. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  7. J

    Resolved Trigger "Make all" in Choose Option

    How do you trigger the Make All in choose option in the chatdialog? I'm trying to make a bot that makes plain pizza's, the use pizza base on tomato works but the next next phase, making incomplete pizza's, doesn't work. I can't make the bot click on the "Make All" option. I have searched the...
  8. M

    Resolved Is retrieving Interfaces by ID frowned upon?

    Hey everyone. I am familiar with both Interfaces#getAt and Interfaces#newQuery methods of finding an Interface on the screen. My question is, is it considered bad practice to retrieve either an Interface or InterfaceComponent directly by it's ID? I read in another thread that Interfaces#getAt...