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  1. M

    Resolved QVE invention

    QVE Invention does not dismember anything it will end up closing the bot sometimes and I have the magic book usually open and still doesn't dismember the maple logs I have can you please fix.
  2. 0liver

    What do you guys disassemble for Augmentors?

    Hey what do you guys disassamble for: - Base - Tensile - Flexible - Enhancing - Powerful Components and what for the fish rod omatic? There are a lot of suggestions on wikia so I wanted to ask you!
  3. roflcopter19

    RS3 Invention is out! Will we ever see bots for it? (With poll)

    TBH i dont even know what this skill is about yet. But will we ever see bots for it and what do you think of the skill? BTW this is what the skillcape looks like: Be sure to aswer my poll. cya.