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    Hello everybody, I've been botting a while now and I didnt have any problems until 1 dag ago. Everytime when I start a bot the client starts lagging really hard and because of this the bot cannot function properly anymore. It lags so hard that u see 3 hits at the same time. I dont think the...
  2. B

    Bug Game breaking fps while running bots

    As title says, frames are terrible while running runemate bots. Started being slow about a week or 2 ago. tried reinstalling runemate and runescape clients. Didn't fix. Fixed..not sure how to delete this post. Just updated my PC and now working as normal.
  3. H

    Tutorial Low fps legacy client fix

    This is a fix for your low fps legacy client. This will allow you to choose which gpu to run your game(s) through on windows 10 and hopefully get rid of the fps client lag. It worked for me. link below with pictures How to Choose Which GPU a Game Uses on Windows 10 Hope this helps!
  4. C

    Bug Legacy Client lagging, help!

    Hello everybody, I wanted to test the bot and there are few problems. I can start the bot, client, everything but the legacy client is ultra laggy. I need many minutes to get ingame and my client crash after 4-5minutes. Its like I am playing on a wood pc from 1990. I tried high setting and low...
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    Bug Bad performance using single acc on high end pc

    I've recently started using RuneMate and although it's been a good experience, when I play other games whilst running a bot I get massive performance issues which I have never experienced prior to installing RuneMate. I've tried running games like League of Legends in borderless, windowed and...
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    Resolved What to do for a slow computer?

    Hey guys! Im currently using a 2010 macbook pro, all stock, so 250 gig storage, 4 gigs memory, crappy graphics card. My runemate runs painfully slow and laggy on this laptop (no surprise really), it also gets SUPER hot, as soon as i start the program, it jumps 40 degrees higher than normal, and...