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  1. L

    Resolved Is their a way to limit your clients FPS?

    I'd like for the client to not use 30% CPU in the background. Could you limit the game to like 10fps, so it uses a lot less?
  2. orbitpi

    Resolved every 15 min all bots crash and cliant says;

    HI cliant says faild to bind.. I close and relaunch than I get it saying I have more than my limit. I w8 about 20 min and it does the same thaing all over. I just reinstaled the new java 8 181. My last one wuld not update(download error)
  3. J

    Resolved Maximum instances of runemate

    Me and my brother both use RuneMate to bot and I must say it's a beautiful bot with various good scripts. (actually the JVM _interprets_ the bytecode so scripts is the proper word (not bots)) However, I found an issue that's quite annoying. My brother and I both have a supporter membership and...