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  1. A

    OSRS Jagex logged me out on Oldschool Runescape

    I was watching my WC bot do its thing, and suddenyl while in Mid-Chop, I Logged out, so the put auto puts info logs me in, and chops, I quickly turned off Runemate Panicking , and chop some more. 15 minutes later, screen is freezing 1 min, then I logged out again. I thought I got banned I...
  2. aaronstrack

    Resolved Game keeps logging out

    I've noticed that every time i use a bot and go aft to watch a movie or something but come back 10 minutes later , my runescape game has logged out to the login screen, essentially i might as well train manually haha is there anything I'm missing that keeps the game logged in while using the client?