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  1. L

    Noble Cooker AIO 1.0.3

    AIO Cooker, please hit me up if u got suggestions or any bugs occur.
  2. forgeasword

    Jug filling bot

    Hi there, I'm a complete noob, but have been trying my luck at creating a jug filling bot. The objectives: 1. Go to fountain in lumbridge 2. Fill empty jugs of water 3. Bank them in lumbridge 4. Withdraw more empty jugs 5. Return to step 1. I'm having some issues with this. I was wondering...
  3. N

    Bug WebPathing around Lumbridge

    Been having a load of issues WebPathing around Lumbridge, between the north-west cow-fields and Lumbridge Bank/Draynor Bank. My main issue at the moment, is randomly receiving null for getNext() of the WebPath. For the purpose of this bug report, this following log/example is based on my bot...
  4. N

    RS3 Anti-Dragon Fire Shield Grabber (Lumbridge Castle)

    Hi, I am requesting a bot for Runescape 3. Its for Players who completed the Dragon Slayer Quest. You go to the Duke at the Lumbridge Castle, And ask for the anti dragon shield. They sell for 528 GP at the Grand Exchange. I was wondering and hoping if someone can create a bot. That will take the...