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  1. tzbob

    TzBob Jug of Wine Maker 1.2.0

    Makes Jugs of Wine at a bank, requires level 35 cooking.
  2. slimzera

    OSRS I love Runemate!

    What should I bot next after 99 hunter? Money > exp.
  3. A

    OSRS Universal thing maker(?)

    Game mode:OSRS, but I think with enough effort could be applicable to RS3 as well; Wiki thread: None, as bot would be universal maker; Summary:using any bank it would find(GE's bank would be best for selling what you made instantly) to withdraw 14 of the two items needing combining and it would...
  4. dylan turner

    RS3 Special teak log Plank Maker

    I am ironman and am cutting teaks and am collecting a lot of special teak logs and is worth my time turning them to planks but is taking along time manually was wondering if someone could make a script that makes planks in taverly bbut uses the dialogue to use the special logs for free planks...