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  1. boot

    [Dev] Nature RC w/ Graahk

    Hello, I'm working on a Nature RC w/ Graahk. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being a BETA tester. If you are interested and have the requirements please let me know and i'll give you access to the bot. Requirements: Able to make Nature Rune 57 Summoning for Spirit Graahk...
  2. s cript

    RS3 Nature RC w/ Graahk

    RC Money making 3m+ and token exp (40k). Nice for gp and potentially for any ironman / HCironman if we have any here. 91 recommended (For the double nats) 57 required (Graahk) Usage of wilderness sword for edgeville tp or Tokulzo / any quick TP near a bank. Pouch repair can be handled by...
  3. J

    Rob's Nature Runner

    Hey everyone! I'm making a bot that is designed pure for money making (goldfarming in particular). It's an Nature rune abyss runner for RS3. I do not have plans to implement OSRS support at the moment, so I do apologize for that. All features : - Running to abyss - Crossing obstacles - Making...
  4. G

    Ironman Abyss Route [Update to Nature]

    Hello there! A little request to those making the Abyss bots. Considering Darkscape gold is worth more than the others adding this route could be worthwhile (Considering the new DS bank update) items: - Would be great to see massive pouch added! - Ring of duelling Now, going through the...