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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm making a bot that is designed pure for money making (goldfarming in particular). It's an Nature rune abyss runner for RS3. I do not have plans to implement OSRS support at the moment, so I do apologize for that.

    All features :

    - Running to abyss
    - Crossing obstacles
    - Making runes
    - Teleport (lodestone)
    - Banking
    - All pouches support
    - Repairing pouches
    - Functional UI
    - Summoning support (Player can choose between 3 beasts)
    - Familiar renew + summoning pots

    - Ability support (surge) to increase runs/hour
    - Glory teleport support
    - Wilderness sword teleport support

    - Anti PK
    - Death/respawn support
    - Break system

    Current working features :

    - Running to abyss
    - Crossing all obstacles
    - Making runes
    - Teleport (lodestone)
    - Banking
    - All pouches
    - Repairing pouches when degraded
    - Functional UI
    - Summoning support
    - Familiar renew + summoning pots
    - Glory teleport support
    - Wilderness sword teleport support

    I'll update this thread when changes are made. Feel free to suggest any features! :)
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  2. Can you also add a break timer? Like 10 sec to 1min break when banking :)

    And nice project, wish you luck :)
  3. Good one, yea I'll add breaks at some point. Thanks!
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    Thread updated. Recent changes

    - Implemented pouch support
    - Implemented repair-pouch support
    - Improved speed/reliability of the bot

    Bot does about 40 - 50 runs/hour , and I'm sure I can make it even faster :D
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  4. Thread updated. Recent changes

    - New UI
    - Fixed several bugs where the bot can get stuck (still can get stuck tho)

    * Fastest full run the bot did was in 1 minute and 18 seconds.
  5. if you want an advice add also the wilderness sword teleport options (could be triggered if weared to teleport close to bank in edgeville)
  6. I am aware of this (read the full wiki last night) and this will get added at some point. Thanks for your input!
  7. I think adding a break handler is a waste of time and money. Focusing on a fail-safe system would be the best. Looking forward to this!
  8. Break handler is at the very bottom of the list, so it gets implemented last. As you can see I have multiple failsafe options in the list, such as anti-pk or respawn system (which gets all the pouches again!)

    Currently I'm working on the bot not getting stuck and increasing the speed. Bot has slowed down a bit and doesn't do 40-50 runs anymore. More like 35 - 45. I'm working on it!
  9. Wishing you the best of success with everything! Once you've finished the whole script bot, it should be a matter of a few changes to transform this into an universal abyss crafter, not sure if you want that tho. Some tips I have which you might not know yet: You can drag the glory to your actionbar, making the teleport process faster, and in the bank you can actually rightclick -> "wear" to equip a new one. Also, aligning the pouches vertically allows for faster filling. :D
  10. For now, I want to keep it for Nature runes only. Thank you for the tips, I'll keep them in mind :)
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    Thread updated. Recent changes

    - Added summoning support
    How does it work?

    - Set preset 1 to pouches and pure essence
    - Set preset 2 to BoB with pure essence
    - Set up the UI correctly

    Gyazo - fde4e7a0298d39ade33124bb7fb0fdb6.png

    - Added familiar renew
    - Added summoning potions (drinks automatically)
  11. about anti piking,
    if get attacked by a player teleport back to edgeville with wilderness sword could be an option
  12. Does this override the teleport block?
  13. the teleport block is not overrideable, but still need high level in magic
  14. Hmm.. If you're not on an empty world you'll get teleport blocked a lot. So that's something I have to look at.
    Thanks for your input once again!
  15. Im sorry but where can i download this i would gladly beta test it. :)
  16. I've pushed it, waiting for approval :)
  17. I know u probably want this as only nature rune bot but adding blood rune for the more exp option would be cool for us plebs without 91 RC. (not adding every rune only 1 :) )
  18. I have 65 RC and I can still use this bot. Just with an abyssal lurker and 3 pouches.

    Might be doing blood runes in the future though, but don't quote me on that ;)
  19. Also u could add ethernal outfit somewhere down the bucketlist :) for max performance
  20. What does it do? And what do you do with it? Do you have to interact with it or something?

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