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  1. R

    OSRS Working NMZ bot

    Are there any working NMZ bots currently? I know litenmz is a good alternative but it doesnt bank. It seems prime NMZ and divine NMZ have went into the gutter. If anyone has any options let me know
  2. R

    Are sand crabs absolutely off the table?

    I got a bond for membership specifically to go Waterbirth to train on Rock Crabs but was bombarded with a snow overlay which I cant turn off and a few crabbing bots I tried did not work Was just looking for easy levels, should I just do some quests and go to NMZ? Ive never done it before...
  3. H

    Prime NMZ or Divine NMZ?

    Hello, quick question here for the people who have used either Prime NMZ or Divine NMZ (Or even better, both). Is there any difference in the amount of mistakes the bots make when running them? Or the smoothness? seeing as Prime is almost twice as expensive as Divine, i'm thinking about using...
  4. L

    Overcharging PRIME NMZ?

    Hi, So I've been using PRIME NMZ a while, but had a break since I didn't top up my runemate account. I thought I'd top up today and added $20 and have had it active for around 30min, as shown in the screen shot. I was not charged $0.10 until 30min. EIther way it should not be charging before...
  5. therealginger

    OSRS Zmz rangingpotion/mage halp!

    soive been using divine nmz like crazy its insanely perfect! but i really need to train range and mage was gonna ask does either prime nmz or divine have this ranging/maging potion option? maybe im just missing it or something? lemme know cuz this feature would litterally make this the best bot...
  6. panpetter111


    Selling my acc 70hp Has member on it NMZ Ready Pm me for more questions and price bump bump
  7. watertao876

    Mage training.

    Hey guys, i am not too familiar in training mage, so i would like to ask people that do train it, which would be the best way? I mean im looking for a solution that isnt HUGE money loss. Im thinking about alching or firewaving nmz, but i dont know what to alch. Tips please! Gamemode: OSRS...
  8. johndoe808

    OSRS Nightmare Zone Bot?

    Hey all, I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to create a bot that runs nmz? With simple capabilities as overload/absorption pot refreshing and prayer hp regen maintenance? That would be absolutely amazing and would undoubtedly save many player's time :) bump