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  1. G

    Bug PathBuilder always builds null path

    I've been having issues getting pathing to work. Building a path using the default web to any coordinate always returns a null value. What I've tried: Reinstalling RuneMate, Java, OSRS, also clearing caches Running this on different computer on a different network Pathing to a coordinate in...
  2. R

    Resolved How to check for open interface?

    Let's say I wanted to detect this interface. This is what I tried: interface = Interfaces.newQuery().texts("Congratulations").results().first(); But it just returns null, while being logged in with the above interface visible. What am I doing wrong here? Do ChatboxInterfaces use a different...
  3. creativeself

    Tutorial Difference between checking for Null/Validity

    Was in the Developer chat and @Aidden explained the difference between Null/Validity checking. Here is an adaption of the conversation: When you get an object from the game, you store that item in memory (RAM), if the object didn't exist in game, the memory location will therefore have nothing...
  4. rootuser

    Resolved Players#getLocal#getTarget returning null before npc death

    I've been working on a bot and was trying to figure out why certain events were triggering when they should not. I took a peek in the SDK tools and found my target was returning null before the target was dead. If this is a client issue I hope it can be resolved soon. :)