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  1. dark sage

    Misfits Herblore 2.2.3b

    Make all those potions with ease Clean all herbs make all unf and most complete potions task queueing
  2. X

    OSRS Regular fighting script, low price pr/hr

    Looking for a fighting bot with support of normal fighting with prayer and the support of potions and a good looting system with several options.
  3. D

    Any Combat Bots that allow potion Consumption? i feel i've tried them all.

    i could be missing something. This is OSRS by the way. Thanks
  4. P

    OSRS Requist: Str bot (Keg warriors guild balance) 70k xp/h

    When you've got 'str + att = 130(+) ' then you can enter the Warrior's guild. When you go the the second floor, you will see a keg on ground. When you take an inventory full with energy potions than you can start. You balance the keg on your head, after a few second you get +108 Str xp, and -10%...