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  1. O

    Ironman LF Corrupted Gauntlet Bot

    Hey so I'm basically after a corrupted gauntlet bot for my iron man cause I CBF. Will pay good money if you think you can crank out a decent one. LF bot from reputable script makers PM me on here or disc superhotfire#4187
  2. sich

    OSRS ⭐ OSRS / RSPS Private Scripts ⭐ ✅ SICHOLAS.COM ✅ ❤️4 Experienced Devs ❤️

    bump bump bump bump bump bumpo Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bumpo bump bumpo bump bump bump BUMO bump bump BUMP bump
  3. T

    OSRS Private script

    Hello all i am looking for someone to make a private zulrah script for me. price and details negotiable, please PM me. thanks!
  4. J

    OSRS Looking for a private kbd script asap! $$$

    hey everyone, dont have discord so if you could please message me on this that will be great, dont have hundreds of dollars too spare NEEDS TOO BE AFFORDABLE , its just for one account just needs too get the job done smootlhly , bank , kill , loot , tele in and out , gear up etc , prayer and...
  5. T

    OSRS Private Cooking Script For Raw Wild Pies

    Looking for a developer to make a private script for raw wild pies, looking for a unique script with an anti-ban system.
  6. C

    RS3 Private Script

    Hi, I'm looking for a private RS3 scipt which would help me transfer large amounts of gold from my F2p account with trade limit onto a different account with no trade limit. I'm a newbie to botting so im not sure if there already is a script for this. If there isn't it would be great if...
  7. P

    OSRS Mining script that banks.

    hi, im looking for a mining script, it only has to support (tin) (copper) (iron). Be able to bank. willing to pay, just pm me if somebody is able to make this. thanks.
  8. N

    Resolved Private scripts

    I love this client and I have been playing around with custom scripts for a while now. I found someone who wants me to make a script for them to use privately. I don't quite understand how private scripts work on this client (the developer limit of 3? hours is severely limiting) After reading a...
  9. N

    RS3 looking to have a custom script coded for Rs3

    please contact me via PM and we can discuss from there :) -Node