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  1. gemmer

    OSRS Essence Runner Bot (will help fund)

    I'd be interested in contributing money for a good developer to write a bot as follows: Game Mode: OSRS (RuneCrafting Runner) Summary: A runner bot that grabs pure essence from bank and runs (teleports) to rune crafting site, where the main account is waiting for a trade from the runner...
  2. Y

    Bug Runemate keeps hanging in background process

    Computer Specs: Operating system: Windows 10 home-64 bit System Manufacturer: Dell Inspiron System Model:7348 Processor: Intel(r) Core(TM) i7-5500HQ CPU @ 2.64GHZ Memory: 8000MB RAM Page file: 5200MB used, 2800MB available Java 32bit, Version 8 Update 162. Dear staff, Runemate double charge...
  3. P

    Bug Never Ending Circle

    Whenever I load RuneMate and login, the big green circle never quits spinning.. I am using a Mac and have uninstalled and reinstalled Runemate, Updated Java, made a different runemate account and nothing seems to work. I can click on bots and it shows the description but if i click play or load...