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  1. glitch_

    Hey everyone!

    I'm just another every day tech type of guy. I primarily work with C#/.NET (for my job) & PHP. I've been developing websites since I was 10-12 (so almost a decade), was a developer of RSBot scripts back in the day before RuneScape went to hell, and now I'm getting back into OSRS, so I'm excited...
  2. I

    Resolved What to do for a slow computer?

    Hey guys! Im currently using a 2010 macbook pro, all stock, so 250 gig storage, 4 gigs memory, crappy graphics card. My runemate runs painfully slow and laggy on this laptop (no surprise really), it also gets SUPER hot, as soon as i start the program, it jumps 40 degrees higher than normal, and...