AlexH666's Bonfire Bot 5.2.0

Burn em' Baby Burn!

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    AlexH666's Bonfire Bot - Burn em' Baby Burn!

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  2. Does it collect Fire Spirits?
  3. At the moment, it ignores them.
    I can add that though.

    Once I get a UI made I'll make it an option.
  4. I would appreciate you adding the Fire Spirits ASAP, that would make your script bot PERFECT <3
  5. Implemented and tested working.
    I pushed update v2.2 and it is awaiting approval :)
  6. Not exactly sure of the issue, but it has been having some issues finding the Brazier(or fire).

    It will withdraw the magic logs from the bank, then stand there sometimes clicking around where the Brazier is but not actually click on the Brazier itself and ends up standing there for 20 minutes give or take not doing anything.
  7. Shouldn't happen.
    If it isn't detecting that it's burning logs it will reattempt clicking instantly.
    Please attach logs.

    Does the interface happen to cover the spot? I suggest using the "classic" interface preset (most of the screen is clear). (This shouldn't be an issue since it looks at whatever it will interact with)

    Unfortunately, no work will be done on all 3 of my bots until June 22nd.
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