Alpha Livid Farm 1.1.4

Get Lunar spells and farming exp the easy way!

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  2. Yes!!! This made me moist!!!!
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    Working very good atm :)
    Going to try it for about 2h :)
    atm going at:
    • 75k xp/h in farming
    • 80k xp/h in magic
    • 15k xp/h in agility
    • 6k xp/h in construction
    • 7k xp/h in crafting
    i love you man ;D
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    SOOO GOOD!!!
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  3. Thanks :D
  4. its good that you released this :p
    I need about 500k points :p for make leather :p about 18k/h :p
    DANG, now that i calc i see that i need to use the bot for about 20h's :O well thanks :D <3
  5. An option not to do the fences would be perfect, as it's not worth the runes spent imo :p
    Also, because I run it fullscreen, it gets kinda laggy sometimes and the bot sometimes runs out of the area and gets attacked by the Suqah.
  6. Yeah runemate lags for me fullscreen too, I usually run half screen.
    Hmmm, I could add in activity adding/removing
  7. Or how would you go about setting up the interface? Because it happens a lot that a diseased livid is not on my screen, but the bot doesn't walk there or turn the camera angle to get it into view. It says 'curing livid' at this stage. Same goes for encouraging Pauline :p
  8. RS3 default. Although it always manages to move the camera for me
  9. any reqs to do livid? :p
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  11. nice work man, as usual :)
  12. [​IMG]

    What am i doing wrong? It just says Resumed and does nothing :(
  13. did u do the tutorial?
  14. yeh, tv'd with slash. broken gamepack. not the scripts bots fault
  15. I found a 'fix' to counter the behaviour I was mentioning earlier - I just make the screen very wide (full width of my screen) but I keep the height of my client like what it is by default :)

    Ok nvm, still saying 'Encouraging Pauline' when she's not in the screen, and just standing there until the next phase of the farm starts...
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  16. "Choose a line to encoirage Pauline" doesn't choose any line, waits for the next phase.
  17. I'll add a failsafe where it walks after a few failures
  18. [​IMG]

    Keeps making me moist.....
  19. Bot got broke after update :'(

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