Alpha Nature Runner Trial 2.0.3

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  2. Im a little confused but what exactly does 30 minutes per 12 hours mean? I can i only run the bot for 30 minutes every 12 hours? and why?
  3. this is a trial of his paid bot you can run it that long to test his full script bot to see if you want to buy it
  4. This bot seems to be broken, since once it goes to the bank you chose & pickup the pure essence & a nature talisman, it just stands still..
    I wait ill i got logged out for being afk, the bot doesn't move i even tried to restart it same thing.
  5. Hey slash i noticed noone was up for making the fire rune script bot. so i figured ide give this a look. if i had pouches, nature tiara, and graahk pouches will it run? and does it also support the fix pouches spell for lunars.?? i wanna run the script bot at 5 hours at a time. 3 times a day. but i wanna make sure it does all these features. please let me know!!:) ( darkscape) and tell me what interfae i should ude. legacy or fixed window or what. please get back to me. willing to pay 25 cents an hour. or more... ide be using it for months and almost everyhour of everyday. so please gimme the updates people <3

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