Alpha Portables 1.0

Uses bank preset 1, fill out settings on the GUI

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  2. If you have any questions about this bot, PM them to me, not Yume.
  3. Does it support herblore? Due to there being two ingredients, how do you type in the raw items?
  4. Use a preset and put the potion needed in the raw material text field. The bot won't work for ovls since they require multiple potions.
  5. Very nice. Thank you so much :)
  6. Testing this right now, seems to work good!
    Any chance of implementing Urn use? For cooking e.g.
  7. I don't believe they're compatible with presets so I have no plans to add them.
  8. They are! Only thing you have to add is press 1 after every inventory, and put the full urn on actionbar spot 1.
    Tested it for a few hours, works flawless! Thanks!
  9. This.

    Save inventry as 26 raw fish, one brand new urn, and one used urn (from 1-99% full), put the finished urn on actionbar, each time it will withdraw the used urn youve started (Can only have one at a time), and if you fill it in the middle of an inv, you can start a new one.
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  10. Great bot Aria/Yume! I have a suggestion, would it be possible for you to add an item queue? Let's say I want to smelt 100 silver ores and after that I want to smelt 100 gold ores, would it be possible for you to add a feature like that?

    Keep up the good work, I've been using your Abyss bot as well, flawless work from you as always! :)
  11. @Aria what da fuck? Why 2 accounts?
  12. Would also be nice yeah, fletching for a few hours, cooking a few hours, making planks for some hours
  13. Read @Yume's signature.
  14. when the range falls it withdraws a range from my bank and gets stuck. I've ticked "don't set up portables" but it still does this.

    it should just idle and wait for another range.

    this might be because I have a range in my bank? seems like the box "don't set up portables" just doesn't work if ticked, it still sets up portables if you choose a tile. if you don't choose a tile the bot stops and gives an error.

    sometimes randomly closes the cooking progress window which stops the cooking mid-inv and starts it again.

    other than that it works well with setting up your own ranges.
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  15. Testing this out now :D looking good so far :)
    Saving me 5k fish till 99 :p
  16. Smithing protean bars on the forge does not work, since it doesn't trigger a menu. Only thing that has to be done is click 'smith' , press 1, and ur set
  17. This will not right click the crafter for me
  18. Is there any way it can wait for a longer time for someone to deploy a portable before logging out, I don't use my own crafter and it seems to log out as soon as the crafter has ran out.
    Maybe make the script bot pause for a few minutes until it detects a new portable and then let the script bot continue?

    Other than that, this bot is amazing, thank you very much!
  19. I'll try to add that when I have access to RS3 again.

    Remove any portables from your bank, I freeloaded 99 fm and 99 herb so it should work fine if you do that.
    The bot does idle if no portable is found.
  20. I don't have any portables in the bank and I set up the bot exactly like yours in the example exactly (since I bot dhide tanning). It still logs immediately after the crafter has ran out. But I assume that this problem must only happen for tanning hides since it works for you, I've not tried it for other portables.

    Anyways, thanks again.

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