Alpha Summoning 2.1.5

A bot for all your Summoning needs!

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    Alpha Summoning - A bot for all your Summoning needs!

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  2. Awesome! Does it use the bank west of there or the Summoning store method?
  3. Whats this summoning store method you speak of?

    Also congrats slash on finally getting that data! hahaha
  4. gratz on release.
  5. It banks at Taverley Bank, west of the obelisk :)

    Thanks, although it turns out I don't even need half of it D:

    Thanks :)
  6. With the summoning store method, you sell noted say iron platebodies to the store, and then you buy them back in unnoted form. It costs a lot but it's very, very fast.
  7. Well RM does have a Store API so it should be easy enough to implement. Would also mean that I get to use the ID part of my enum too :D
  8. Getting randomly:

    at rm.prn.void(n:209)
    at rm.nul.poll(w:181)
    at rm.nul.onLoop(w:66)
    at bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(wxb:265)
  9. When running pouches it doesn't deposit the pouches before getting new secondaries.
  10. Does this still happen? I thought I fixed this a day or 2 ago with a silent update

    What's wrong with it? Obfuscated Exception Stacktraces don't really help me. If you could give me the steps to reproduce the error I should be able to find and fix the bug much quicker.
  11. Turn on bot run to obelisk. script bot stops. Not much else I can say. Still get the error I posted above.
  12. script bot settings? I'll try to reproduce your error, but I was running spirit spider pouches 2 days ago without a problem
  13. It's fixed indeed! Thanks. :)
  14. When banking, it first tries to withdraw pouches from the bank, and then actually depositing the ones you made.
  15. Should be fixed for next patch.
  16. Can you add support for spirit stones?

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