Celestial Teleporter 1.0.3

Trains your Magic by using teleport spells!

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  2. Used this bot for a few hours, and realized how much I was losing. This used to be a good method for training magic. But it's definitely inconvenient in RS3. However during that time it did work seamlessly, and I am impressed :)
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  3. Does it have an anti ban, or is it just a autoclicker?
  4. Don't really know what anti-ban you would need for teleporting.
  5. so its just a auto clicker? as in does it click on tele every 5 secs?
  6. Timing varies of when it teles.
  7. Thanks, got me many magic levels :)

    One thing, it doesn't stop when you're out of runes..
  8. I will add that! Thanks for letting me know!
  9. can you add a function for darkscape such as it hits the teles and the clocks on the space beside to walk and cancel the tele
  10. I can look into it.

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