Dark Flax 1.0.0

Picks flax in Burthrope!

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  2. does it string the flax as well?
  3. Pick and string would be awesome
  4. yeah u should add stringing method :p it could run to spin the bank right after :) nice release tho.
  5. bot works good for like half n hour then glitches the mouse just stays where the map is and if you move the mouse it goes back to that spot and it stays like that for ever
  6. Not yet but I can add that.
    Above reply!
    Pick flax > spin > bank then repeat?
    I'll look into it, thanks for reporting it.
  7. Yeah , just like that.
  8. Will look into this soon.
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  9. any news on spinning the flax? ^^
  10. Having troubles with interface interaction, though I'm not sure what the exact issue is. As well, I was looking into re-writing this for better logic flow. But been a bit busy with some college work.
  11. No rush, just was curious how it was going is all :3

    College>RS of course.
  12. :p(y)
  13. Any news been 6 weeks?

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