Dell's PrifBonfire 1.0.0

Uses the Prifdinnas bonfire for Crafting xp!

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    Dell's PrifBonfire - Uses the Prifdinnas bonfire for Crafting xp!

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  2. Don't want to rude, but why make a script bot that has been released before? BBonfire is exactly the same :s
  3. Tbh, don't really know, i just wanted to make something. And it helps me practice script bot writing.
  4. I know :) and thats a good thing :) maybe adjust it to make it cook instead of firemake? :) then it would be a unique script bot :)
  5. Just some feedback from the guy who wrote one himself xD :

    - Keeps spamclicking the bonfire which isn't required and quite ban sensitive.
    - Where da paint? D: Or at least xp/hour?
    - It happened once, but when it opens history interface (and sets too) it gets stuck.

    If you need advice on how to fix those, I have the info. Hit me up with a PM with your Skype. :)
  6. Thanks, i added the paint, i have no idea why its not coming. I also pushed and update for the spam clicking, but i have no idea what you are talking about in the last one
  7. [​IMG]

    I was hoping it would be added on the interface closer list by Cloud, I'm not sure if anyone would ever need them, but when it banks it can accidentally click the GE interface options such as Sets, Exchange and History. When this happens the bot gets stuck trying to bank through the interface. That's why I suggest to make the interface closer yourself. In the like 10 minutes I've ran your bot it already happened once, so I think it's something to look at. Banking interface collect is already added to the interface closer, so you don't have to include that.
  8. Mind sharing your script bot with me?
    I need some resources for the paint in my Lava Flow Mining script bot :D
  9. All of it? or only the paint
  10. All would be epic but I would be happy with the imports, paint code :p I got my paint coded but I still code in the style of 2009 xD already had some serious compiling issues :)
  11. I'll give you everything, but my paint will be useless to you because its code is messed up.
  12. Don't bother Kristiaan I have wondered this since I have been at RM everyone seems to enjoy making copies of scripts bots.
  13. Updates coming soon. Thanks to @Aidden and @Bertrand for helping out.

    • Fixed spam clicking
    • paint now works
    • should close any mislick interfaces.
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  14. It's for practice purposes. You set the challenge of writing a bot and see if you can succeed in doing so. Sharing with the crowd and seeing that people actually use something you created is just a cherry on the pie. You can decide not to share it, but why shouldn't you?
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  15. it's working but got just 1 little problem. after 5-6 logs burned the script bot clicks again on the bonfire for no reason could you please fix that. Then it would be perfect :D
  16. I'm sorry, I would love to do that, but life has taken over, and I don't really have time for Runescape anymore :(. And my PC in which all the scripting files and everything is no longer in use. Sorry.
  17. 1. check if bank is open before using bonfire itll get stuck in bank sometimes
    2. check if inven contains logs not if its empty
  18. Read OP.
  19. its for [​IMG] development 2
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    thanks homie!

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