DreamBones 1.0.1

Buries all bones at any bank

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  2. Suggestions of script bot that will show us what your scripting skills is made of.
    -AIO Hunter
    -Runespan script bot (auto detection of best xp possible, etc..)
    -Living rock cavern mining script bot (with skiller support)
    -Blackjack script bot (Thieving's guild)
  3. I made this script bot to get familiar with RM API / getting back into scripting. I'm currently writing larger projects, such as a AIO script bot.

    Edit: Think big but start small.
  4. Points to you then for starting really small :)
  5. Thanks :p This script bot was for a color bot, like two years ago. So I thought why the hell not, just for lolz.
  6. It always stops on the second bag of bones. I need this script bot to work because it's the only using action bar.

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