RS3 Drop Party Tips/Tricks BOT?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Madras, May 31, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,
    Playing Runescape again after my Ban last year. 5 Minutes ago there was a drop party and i thought about any Tips/Tricks from you to get more Items. And the Question: Is there a Chance that a Bot can grap Items faster then Human will do?

    Greetings !!! :)
  2. Bots can grab items faster than humans do because they can detect them faster than the human eye. However, making a bot to do this is against the rules as it disrupts the gameplay of legitimate players.

    I can give you some tips to get items quicker though; use telegrab.
  3. You want to explain me that a bot is against the rules in a Forum from a Botting tool? :D I know that...!

    Thank you for the tip :)
  4. We don't exist to become a nuisance, we exist to make the game better for you, whilst impeding on other players as little as possible. Things like spamming, leeching and looting (in many cases) go against that goal, so will never be allowed on RuneMate.
  5. Okay i get it :) Dont know that...

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