Jax Guild Fishr 0.0.1

Fishes swordies/tuna in fishing guild. Set your med death spawn to seers.

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    Jax Guild Fishr - Fishes swordies/tuna in fishing guild. Set your med death spawn to seers.

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  2. 4 Hour proggy cause 1500 fish and ran back multiple times. Looks good!!! 5*
  3. Good bot but needs a bit more randomness in it's clicking, after banking clicks the exact same spot on the docks every time

    also if you could make it only use the closest dock to the bank because sometimes it clicks on the other dock so you start running towards the farther dock, then clicks back on the first dock so you run halfway then run back. Very bot like when a few people are doing this at the same time

    and also it spam clicks the bank on the minimap when full inventory so when it gets into the bank it runs around in circles before it banks, it only needs to click the minimap once.
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  4. Does this work with DS banking?
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    Working like a charm. Only two bugs with running outside the AH and running to the other docks.

    Also sometimes fishing lobsters, but I don't really see that as a problem. Since lobsters are more than welcome.

    Otherwise, good job! :)
  5. Ran for 10 hrs , got stuck at 300-ish fish , wasted time ;/
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    Same thing as yesterday , suck after fishing for a while , annoying af
  6. script bot runs to the other dock on darkscape making it look like an obvious bot.

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