JST Demon Splasher 1.0.0

Kills the almighty lesser demon

  1. Great script bot! I hope you don't mind but i am kinda using your script bot to just kill the demon and not splash him but it's working great. I will say a lot of the time when he respawns the script bot miss clicks him but then trys again and gets it.
  2. Hey thanks for the testing.
    No worry you can use it to melee/range/mage him.

    I will look into the misslick issue
  3. Isn't much you can do about missclicks m'fraid.
  4. Awww that sucks :(
  5. That said, demon is big enough for you to remove the second parameter from #interact("Attack", "whatever"), so it wouldn't force menu interaction any more.
  6. Hey,
    Checked the code.

    Only got 1 interact Attack no second parameters

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