MaxiCannonballs 1.0.8

Balling all the way to the bank.

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  2. also this in kharid is at bank but with steel bar in bank don't take them out and stop
  3. What's the status before it stops? Does the script bot crash and throw an error or does it just stop
  4. First of all I have no clue why this script bot runs in kharid because that is one of the slowest locations.

    Secondly it doesn't seem to work. I have the steel bars in my bank but all it does is open my bank, close it, and logout. I tried putting the steel bars in several different locations but it wouldn't withdraw them.
  5. It only supports Al Kharid atm because i was f2p when i wrote it and i haven't yet looked in to all the available locations. My internet connection will finally be activated tomorrow so i'll be able to start working on all these bugs really soon.
  6. This is fixed in the next release. Please make sure to have the Ammo mould in your inventory even if you have it on the toolbelt. Toolbelt support will be added in the future
  7. Hey, the script bot doesn't seem to work for me. When I start the script bot and select using presets, then it will open the bank and select preset 1 and after that, it will do the same thing just again and repeat, it will not run to the furnace, it's just selecting the preset and repeating that.

    When I choose not to use preset it will open bank and logout.
  8. Definitely interested in trying this script bot out. Anyone know roughly $$/hour?
  9. PM me your account details and i'll take a look, i currently don't have any p2p accounts. Fingers crossed my internet stops playing up -.-
  10. It does not work. The mouse hovers over the furnace but doesn't click on it.
  11. Interesting, they've either changed the action string slightly or there's an error that you're not seeing. I'll look into it soon
  12. could you make orsr support please?
    ty aidden
  13. When i have time but i don't have an account to test on
  14. Bot walks to the smelter but for some reason the mouse starts to spaz out in the room, it's trying to click the furnace but doesn't for some reason...and also still waiting on the tool belt support broski =(

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