Paulsniper19's Gilded Altar 0.01

Buries at gilded altar for decent prayer exp

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    Paulsniper19's Gilded Altar - Buries at gilded altar for decent prayer exp

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  2. Gratz on release :D
  3. Any ETA on when you'll be adding Lodestone support and bones support ?
    I got 99 Prayer pretty much waiting for me in my bank, just need a bot that does the job :D
  4. The reason I didn't add lodestone support is because it's faster to use the portal...isn't it? :/

    Dragon bones you're talking about right?
  5. If you have the construction level to move your house to Yanille yeah.. :p
    And yup, I was talking about d bones
  6. I'll modify the bot to do Dragon Bones for now, but since I am so busy, I can't give you an ETA. After November, I'll be free :)
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    Update waiting to be pushed for Dragon Bones support
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  7. You should have made it to support FOH with yanille lodestone
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  8. this please :) that'll make this script bot actually useful for a lot more people.
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  9. Is this currently working?
  10. Yes it should be.
  11. thanks for the great bot
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  12. Thank you for using my bot :)
  13. Pretty good b0t. The camera moves way too much when lighting the burners. Other than that its flawless
  14. Where does your house have to be located for this to work? Yanille isn't work when it leaves the house.
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