Pi Divination 1.0.0

A Divine Divination Experience

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  2. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  3. Is it possible that it does not loot chronicles? :(
  4. It should, I've set a custom model so it collects them easily. Are you sure your inventory isn't full and if it is that it contains chronicles? I think there might be a problem where you need to have 1 chronicle in your inventory before it collects, I can't recall if I've released a fix or not.
  5. After update when i run the script bot, it instantly stops :'( like @SlashnHax's :'(
  6. Must be some API changes, should be a simple fix.
  7. can you add an option so it collects energy instead of just enhanced experience?
  8. Does this bot still work? I see it hasn't been updated in a couple months.
  9. FUCK! I wish I knew it collects chronicle fragments :(
  10. bot doesn't start up
  11. Works like a charm, thanks yous <3
  12. bot runs perfectly, but could use an option to collect energy

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  13. for me at the lvl 60 wisps it will collect but once it goes that ltitle bit too far away form the well it goes weird ad just stays there spinning the camera @Furor
  14. Works but for some reason I get no GUI, no option to choose which type of conversion I want
  15. Development is once again active on this bot, I'm attempting to resolve any existing issues with loading the GUI on start.
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