Pi Honeycomb 1.0

Gathers all the honeycombs you need!

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    Pi Honeycomb - Gathers all the honeycombs you need!

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  2. Good release! One thing that ive found is that it has a lot of problem with pathing from the bank to the beehive. it goes all over the place before actually going inside the beehive
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  3. Thanks man have 3k crimson charms I need to use
  4. i also noticed the bot crashes when running to the bank
  5. Can you submit the error or paste it here?
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    EDIT: I've found the problem, expect a fix ASAP.
  6. also when it is runing there makes a lot of miss clicks i have my own private one if you want some help pm me i get like 500k a hour or near mine is almost perfect can run it and not have to worry at all but as i can see so far you have done a really good job if you need a paint pm me i might make u a new one
  7. I'm good, thanks though. It only makes missclicks on opening the fence, I might have to set a forced model to make sure it handles it better. A paint will come later, not a big priority.
  8. also it shut down after 2 bags from some error i sent it into you
  9. .
  10. i submitted it
  11. Read my post a lil bit better. ;)
  12. oh sorry bud
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  14. still buggy but a lot better stops randomly also clicks on the quick deposit but then does nothing but overall you are doing a great job keep it up
  15. I have absolutely no idea why it clicks quick deposit, that's not anywhere in my code. It should only click the honeycomb and then deposit them all.

    The fix was for random crashes related to opening the gate, it would try to load other gates in the area but they were out of reach and couldn't see them. Can you explain what else is "buggy"?
  16. just sat in bank after 3 hours and did not do anything
  17. Was it trying to walk to the hive area but couldn't click because bank screen was in the way?
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  19. not as bugy as before and i love the paint
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    it stops grabbing them after it gets 8 it just stop
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    got it working now will keep u in the loop
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