QveSpinnerRS3 1.0.1

Turn flax into bowstrings for easy cash!!

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  2. Will test it soon. Hopefully it's like last one except see minor changes :)
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  3. i will probably test this out once i get my old laptop set up again. btw, do you have any plans on updating your spider silk bot to rs3?
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  4. Skyscrapes was it any good? I might update it then
  5. Works reasonably well, gets stuck at the spinner if not at the right camera angle though :p
  6. Works brilliantly now, plenty of money in bowstrings atm with no req's. Suggest people get on this.
  7. unable to run the bots in 2 accounts. On the first one it will run fine. On the second one it will get stuck on the interface trying to set up the preset when its already done and it wont do anything else.
  8. is there somewhere specifc i'm suppose to be running this?
  9. Luby castle bank, at the top or by the spinner in the mid floor

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