Spider silker 0.1.0

Gather spider silk to get the money flow!

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  2. Gratz on release buddy ;)
  3. Thank you mate ;)
  4. if i add it to bot i cannot see it when i want to start it
  5. @waza250

    Becaouse i didn't add a gui for it, you start it right away near ge in lumby or graveyard or spot then it will do the job
  6. Added via /botstore but doesn't show in RuneMate client. Is this a known issue with the script bot repository?
  7. no if i add it i cannot see it in the bot so i cannot start it. tried refreshing bot.
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    same problem
  8. @waza250

    fixed, waiting for admin to push the update to sdn ;)
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  9. still not available?
  10. Still not pushed by admin, but made many fixes, please use staff of air tho ;)
  11. hey there.. thank you for this.. helps OUT ALOT for ironmen.. in rs3.. :p i really appreciate that.. This banks in Lumbridge castle?
    also why use a staff of air? sorry :)
  12. This script bot banks in the Grand Exchange in lumbridge, and use magic so as you level up you will be able to alch later the tops you make
  13. thank you goign to use this.. for rs3.. ironman.. than you
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    update: seems to take a bit of time from attacking one target to attacking the next target. (since im on rs3) no one is down here but me so its targeting a spider.. killing (waits like 5 secs) to loot then attack another) .. just curious if you could make it faster targeting? and looting? thanks! :D

    -also has problems targeting... will hover over but not click fast enough to attack then gets stuck for 3-5 secs. instead of following the mob
  14. @Derang3d the targeting happens same for me but its runemates handler i think so ;/ cant repair that but ill look into the faster targeting and looting
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    @Derang3d fixed i think, works better for me, just adding 1 tile fix where it gets stuck sometimes
  15. works! but its a lil bit buggy, left it for 4 hours only got 200 but it was still running... bot sitting atm hoping to give u more information.(also may just have died alot)
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    if it is possible, add a timer howmuch silks the bot has taken and how many times the bod has died? (if it aint to hard, don't know anything about scripting)
  16. @waza250 i will add a counter just in time ok? Just need to make some fixes, it equipts the staff when you get killed and have it in invent but if u attack and lose it it goes without any weapon so i will need to withdraw from bank and equipt, will be fixed soon
  17. no rush.. and i just realised this was for darkscape.. you think maybe you could add a option for rs3? to just bank at the lumbridge combat training bank?... would be greatful.. I hope everything continues to go well
  18. @Derang3d i could possibly try to make it for rs3, but need some help with it from more advanced scripters becaouse i dont know how to switch between clients ;d it could be easy just to make walking to bank method and if(client is ds) walk to lumby ge, if(client is rs3)walk to lumby bank, would need to look into it
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