TenPortables 1.2

Portable brazier, crafter, fletcher, forge, range, sawmill and well!

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    TenPortables - Portable brazier, crafter, fletcher, forge, range, sawmill and well!

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  2. testing it out right now, can you add a bit of info to ur paint?
  3. The bot seems to have difficulty clicking the Portable Sawmill when it's in the inventory, am i doing anything wrong?
  4. I have a bit of lag with my connection. due to this, the bot clicks the sawmill, types a number, then it takes a second for the confirmation interface to come up, but the bot clicks the sawmill again due to this lag. infinite loop :( Maybe increase the delay a bit?
  5. this happens to me but its not an infinite loop happens once or twice every like 5 mins
  6. I will, in the meanwhile try running it at a clan citadel? (Lags should be less there)
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    Try legacy? (both combat and interface)
  7. Just got this error:
    at com.runemate.Hazard.TenPortables.tasks.DoSawmill.task(DoSawmill.java:27)
    at com.runemate.Hazard.TenScript.TenTask.execute(TenTask.java:14)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.task.TaskScript.onLoop(cvb:212)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.LoopingScript.run(fob:131)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(dub:120)
    at app.kl.run(dtb:273)
  8. will look into that tomorrow, sleeping now :p thanks for reporting :)
  9. at first it used to click on the sawmill too fast sometimes before the interference pops up but it was still usable, now its happening even more and sometimes it lags and starts sending the message 33 to the public which made my acc very botlike lol cause it carried on spamming 33, also maybe try randomizing the number instead of it always being 33 for detection purposes. thank you
  10. Will push an update through later today, thanks :)
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  11. works better now but the paint keeps going on and off like its flashing which is kinda annoying lol thanks though
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    also sometime it opens bank and closes it without loading the preset so it has to open the bank again, it sometimes repeats this process for 3 times before clicking the preset
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    nvm the paint seems to be a bug on my end its happening with another script bot, i still can't use ur script bot though its too buggy :/
  12. thanks ill test it out tomorrow :p
  13. Did an update get pushed for this I have 200k logs waiting lol :p
  14. I believe yes, can you test it?
  15. So it got updated since the last time I posted? Cause it doesn't say so, i'll test it in a bit thanks.
  16. I believe I didn't change the version number but did push an update #ripShortTermMemory
  17. i wouldn't call that #shorttermmemory, i'd call it #AGuyThatMakesManyAwesomeScripts
  18. oh i forgot u did update it btw and its much better next thing try to add more info to the paint. Awesome script bot btw
  19. Yep the paint will be added tomorrow among with either forges/wells/ranges (one of them), or maybe all 3 depending on progress in my other project

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